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Long Beach Dragon Boat Fest

A brief overview of the 2019 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival produced for the Southern California Dragon Boat Club.

Diversity at Marshall High

This segment explores the diversity among mixed-raced students of John Marshall High School (Los Angeles, CA). It was produced in Adam Watstein's broadcast journalism class in 2006 and won a couple of awards.

  • Student Emmy award for Excellence in Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, 2007
  • Bank of America Achievement Award in the field of Applied Arts/Trades, 2007

Naples Island Swim & SUP

The 2019 Naples Island Swim & SUP, hosted by Aquatic Capital of America, is an open water swimming and paddle board competition featuring seven races of differing lengths.

First Time at Lake Cachuma

A personal piece that highlights my first camping experience at Lake Cachuma

UCLA Volunteer App

I filmed, edited, and submtited this video for Code for the Mission, a UCLA-wide app competition the seeks software that help solve problems.